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lørdag 9. oktober 2010

Raggedy Ann

Back home from a incredible tour in USA, visitting 5 states I will tell (for me) a nice story about Anne Filledokke/Raggedy Ann

Since I learnd to read at age 7, books have been a close friend. One of the first books I got was Anne Filledokke og Anders Fillemann - Raggedy Ann and Andy. This became a favorite and was read into rags. It´s a pitty that the book dissapeard during my mothers removal.

Big was my suprise and happiness when I discovered Karens Raggedy Anns Sticheries (link on the sidebar)

My first project ended up in a folder -


nice to bring my next project .......

Karen is giving a free BOM of 10 stichery blocks. I have finished 2 and are going to download the 3 soon.



Touring thrue The Mid-West we visited Mobridge, South Dakota. Here they have a museum including a nice childrens toy-show. Here I found a lot of Raggedy Ann

Since then I has been asking several bookstores for New objects of Raggedy Ann and everybody gave the same answer: look at internett....

Some days later our bus parked in front of "More Than Words Bookstore" Watertown SD.
Instead of lining up for lunch I visited there and look what I found :-)))

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The best ting is that this version includes all the stories I know :-)

I was that happy visitting some quiltstores during our tour, so more is coming up......

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  1. I think Raggedy Ann and Andy have been translated into every language imaginable. They are universal with children and adults alike and the stories bring back childhood memories for most of us.

    I'm so happy that you found a book with the stories that you remember from your childhood, Liven. Enjoy the Raggedy & Friends journey. Your first two blocks are wonderful.

    Welcome home!

  2. Hej og tak for din hilsen på min blog. Jeg har lige kigge på dit seneste indlæg, jeg tror at jeg er gået ram forbi Raggedy Ann og Andy, syntes slet ikke at det siger mig noget. Det undre mig lidt for jeg fik da læst mange sjove børnebøger som lille og jeg har da også læst for mine børn. Det må jeg hellere kigge lidt nærmere på.
    Hav det godt.


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