Mest om håndarbeide, men også andre ting jeg liker å gjøre.

tirsdag 19. oktober 2010

Quilt Haus

In Bismarck,I spent time "in heaven" - visiting the nice store Quilt Haus

I will thank B&K for taking me there.

I will come back to some of those objects in a later post:-)

It was "relaxing" just looking around, and thank you for "the show and tell" with all the nice quilts.

I had to buy this kit:
Over the river and through the woods...... Crabapple Hill Studio.

I saw the quilt, and felt imidiately "in love":-)= a project for the future;}

Among "a few" other things I bought the book "Skinny Quilts & Table Runers II, Eleonor Levie. Coming home I had to sew something from that one:

Rungs, by Karla Alexander.

A new runner at the kitchen table - the story about the fabric coming soon.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Det må ha vært en super USA tur;lenge siden jeg var der. Pen kjøkkenduk,og moderne med turkis om dagen. Gleder meg til å se videre,
    Happy Quilting:-)


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